About Meucci

Antonio Meucci

Antonio Meucci

Meucci is named after Antonio Meucci, the inventor of the telephone. Just like Meucci, we believe that distance should be irrelevant when reaching out to your loved ones, friends, colleagues and whomever else.

We are a team with big ideas. To start, we have found a way to use normal cell networks (not data) to ley our users talk to their contacts anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not the person they’re calling has Meucci – effectively erasing the need for long distance calling. Single contacts or groups of people, text-based chats or group calls, Meucci has it all. And the best part? There are no extra charges for using Meucci. Recently, we have also added “Identities” to the platform which allow you add additional cellphone numbers to use on the same phone.

We’re inspired to find new ways to use technology to help you communicate with ease. Got any questions? Want to say hi? Want to send us a selfie with your pet? Drop us a line at support@meucci.co


Besides, we all know who really invented the telephone, right? Right!