What is Meucci?

Meucci is what a communication app should be. It is the only communication app in the world that allows you to talk to individuals or groups whether or not those people have Meucci as well. Whether the people you are calling are next door or across the world, whether they have Meucci or not, just pick up and dial. And to top it all off, Meucci is 100% free.

What are “Identities?”

In addition to easy calling, Meucci can give you unlimited international telephone numbers that people can use to call you all in one phone. No more need for multiple phones with multiple SIM cards! Whether you’re a business person who wants a separate work number, a traveler who wants to keep a local number, or anything in between, Meucci can help. We call each number that you add an “Identity.”

How do I create a new “Identity?”

In Meucci, click on your profile and then click “Create New Number.” Add a name and description for the new number, choose which country and city and then click “Create Number.” Your new phone number will be ready for use immediately. You can make and receive calls with your new number and you can have as many numbers as you like!

How do I use Meucci?

Using Meucci couldn’t be easier. Just install the app and set it up, open your contacts list and call whomever you like – just like a regular call.

What are group calls?

Use Meucci to set up groups of friends, family members, or colleagues. Once you have set up a group, chat with the whole group at the same time or tap the call button to start a conference call with everyone in the group!

How is Meucci different?

Meucci picks up where Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and the rest left off. Chat with or call anybody you like, without having to convince them to install and start using the app first. Want to use Meucci like a regular mobile phone? Or even like multiple regular mobile phones? Just install the app and get started. In addition, Meucci is the first app to offer group calling – allowing you to conference with people who do or don’t have the app with ease. We accomplish all of this by being the first GSM-VoIP hybrid communication app. Rather than communicating over data, Meucci does most of its magic using normal local cellphone lines.

What do you mean by “not having to install the app”?

While we hope that you and all your friends do install Meucci, we understand that not everybody always wants to install “another app.” So, we designed Meucci to be everybody-friendly. If you call or text a friend who doesn’t have Meucci, they will get an SMS message with a link. Once they click the link, it will initiate a call or an SMS chat on their phone which will connect with Meucci on your phone!

How does dialling abroad work?

We decided long ago that making international calls was simply too expensive and complicated. Meucci treats international numbers exactly like local numbers. Go to your contact, hit call, and you’re connected – just like calling your neighbor.

Does Meucci make high quality calls?

Crystal. Clear. As Meucci communicates over cellphone lines, talking through Meucci is just like picking up your home phone and calling a local number. No more delays, no more connection problems. Pure communication.

How much does it cost?

Meucci’s service is, and always will be, entirely free. Meucci works over normal mobile lines (not data). Whether you call your neighbor or someone across the world, it will simply fall in to your local phone package. So, for instance, if you have unlimited minutes, then no matter whom you call – it will be absolutely free. No extra charges, no hidden costs – nothing.

If you want to set up optional additional identitities, each additional phone number you add will cost $10 per month, regardless of what country the phone number is in. You can add or remove identities at any point of time with no commitment.

Is Meucci ad-supported?

Nope. And it never will be.

What platforms does Meucci support?

Meucci works on Android 4.0 and higher and iOS7+.

But how does Meucci ACTUALLY work?

In short, Meucci has patented a technique to connect cellphones, no matter where they are in the world, using their own local GSM networks. Meucci acts as a “mediator” – making the link that connects one device to another – without relying on anything besides the existing cell connection. In short, what this means is that you don’t have to waste data or hunt down WiFi in order to use Meucci.

What the heck does “Meucci” mean?!?

Antonio Meucci (1808-1889), an unsung hero, was the inventor of the telephone. Meucci’s breakthroughs in telecommunication revolutionized the way we communicate up until this day. Meucci never patented his discoveries and Alexander Graham Bell was the person who took credit for starting the path to the modern phone. We chose to name Meucci after Antonio Meucci as a constant reminder how communication between people can be revolutionized by a simple invention at the right time.